I just read yesterday that Brad Guigar, a Philly webcomic that writes Evil Inc, has now fulfilled one of his dreams and is starting to teach a class at the Hussian School of Art in Philadelphia:


He writes that, in his observation, many art schools are steering students to jobs that are hard to come by or no longer exists. The new emphasis should be on how an artist can thrive while developing a freelancing business or self-publish his works.

When I went to the Hartt School of Music, there was a good amount of instruction for musicians, composers and studio techs on other opportunities beyond full-time employment with an orchestra or studio.

The missing piece I felt was needed at the University of Hartford were opportunities to collaborate with departments OUTSIDE of the Music, Dance and Theatre school. There were also projects from the film and art departments that could have had original music or performances. Those types of projects were left up to the extremely ambitious. I was already a double major, and I had enough project performances to waive my Student Recital requirement (something I comically found out days after it was already scheduled – it was well received, by the way).

I am very happy that Mr. Guigar is teaching this class as I share his vision and message.