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Ok, as a Friday treat, you get to hear one of my crazy life stories:

I got my undergrad degree at the University of Hartford. When I was there, I worked multiple jobs, one of them as an assistant Box Office manager that still did ushering duties.

In 1999, the university launched a series of lectures called the Rogow Lecture Series (named after a family trust).

One of the guests was Jeff Bezos.

OK, let’s pause. What was like in 1999? The buying experience was very different then. They did open up third-party selling of books, but it was not the go-to-place to get cheaper textbooks. We were either buying them at the campus bookstore, or going to Barnes and Noble to shave off 5%-10%.

So, as a present for the lecture, they gave Bezos a bust made out of LEGOs.

Jeff Bezos a UHartford 1999 legos

I saw this presentation on stage, and Bezos looked surprised an perplexed. I don’t remember any signature cackles. Maybe because I and the other staff were too confused as to why that was the present they chose.

I mean, it’s sort of cool, right? Was it some weird foreshadowing? They weren’t selling any toys on the site back then.

I’m thinking it’s the universal playfulness that LEGO offers. Nostalgia, creativity and kindness all in one.

Let me tell you something else. This photo, the one you saw here, was VERY VERY hard to find. There were no camera phones back then, let alone any that a college student could afford. Good luck digging through any archives in the Hartford Courant. I found this on an archived page of the University President’s 10th anniversary celebration. This was a FLASH file, and I had to make a screengrab.


Sometimes life is so surprising to me. Back then, in 1999, when I was studying music, I never knew that my 2011 business was reaching out to me.