I was able to meet Cliff Ennico for the first time while attending the first East Coast “Seller’s Conference for Online Entrepreneurs” (SCOE) in Philadelphia. It was nice to meet him after hearing him on many podcasts, mostly those posetd by Kat Simpson and Janelle Elms.

Cliff’s recent article, published in his syndicated column Succeeding in Your Business, features highlights of his excellent keynote speech from SCOE Philly 2013. The full lecture featured a comprehensive strategy on expanding your e-commerce business to become more sustainable in today’s retail market.


In fairness to Cliff, if you are interested in more details about his keynote, please contact him and subscribe to his publications since I have not found that presentation in a public link yet.

Also, I want to publicly thank Cliff for sharing the link to this blog and mentioning Beat the Rush! on his column and on the That Kat podcast recorded on September 23rd, 2013.